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I provide assessment and individual therapy to a wide variety of individuals in need.  Appointments will be held in my office located at 393 Garden Avenue.  Sessions typically run 45-60 minutes.  Our first appointment will cover what needs to be addressed and how often we will need to meet.  Sessions are typically covered by your insurance company.  You will need to contact your insurance company to verify your coverage.  If I am not able to accept your insurance, payment is also accepted via HSA, credit card or cash.


I practice Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)  to address anxiety and depression.  CBT is a form of psychotherapy or talk therapy.  It makes you aware of inaccurate or negative thinking.  The hope is that you will be able to view challenging situations in a different light and respond to them in a more effective manner. 


Stress is part of our everyday life.  When you are able to develop appropriate coping skills to deal with daily stress, then it becomes more manageable.  Your daily functioning and quality of life will improve.  Stress can come from financial  and relationship issues to illness and death of a loved one.  


This type of counseling is for those in a significant relationship.  The goal is to improve the communication, respect and belief systems between the partners.  When there is a better understanding of these important concepts, the couple is able to interact in a healthier and positive way.  


Mood is an emotional state that may last from a few minutes to several weeks.  It affects the way people respond to the stimuli in their environment.  The difficulty of moods, is that there is not always a trigger for the change in our mood.

Anger is one the most prominent moods that impact us daily.  Learning how to control your anger will improve your family relationships, employer and self esteem.   


The goal of family therapy is to improve the relationships within the various members of the family.  When family's are able to learn to communicate better and resolve conflict, the overall family relationship is improved and made stronger..  

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